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April 25, 2007


Yet to be recognised

Regional analysts believe that attempts to consolidate a separate northern state could be scuppered by Saudi Arabia, a country which has never shown much enthusiasm for oil development in noughbouring states. The Arab League has shown little desire for a new, separate country either. The Republic of Somaliland has yet to be recognised by any other state, but some observers feel this could happen by default, since it at least functions, while no other part of Somalia works at all.

Representative from the United Somali Congress (USC), nominally in charge in Mogadishu, have also met with oil company officials, in particular Conoco, both in Somalia and in Rome. However, no news of any agreement has emerged from these meetings. Pectin is the biggest licence holders in Somalia proper, with four offshore blocks along the Indian Ocean shelf, extending approximately from Bander Beyle to south of Mogadishu. Further onshore blocks are held by Amoco and Phillips.

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